Eternity LED Glow LLC is a eCommerce / wholesale company, located in Seattle Washington. We specialize in creating glowing and illuminating products for any kind of matter such as party decoration, party accessories, kid’s toys, sport and safety glowing products, home furniture and home decoration, light up apparel, illuminated advertisement posters and stickers, promotional light up products and many more. Our products are fit for all age ranges, from kids to adults! All of our products are based on LED (Light-emitting diode) and EL (Electroluminescence) technologies for low power consumption and longer lifetime.

We develop and design the products by ourselves from our USA-based location and do not compromise on quality or safety. We advise all manufacturers that we work with to use high quality materials to make products to our satisfaction and to meet all the necessary safety tests required by US consumer product safety commission. Eternity LED Glow puts customer satisfaction as a top priority. 

We are based in the USA.

What we offer:

Eternity LED Glow illuminates your world with a wide range of high quality distinctive products. No matter how old you are, Eternity LED Glow will offer a colorful lit commodity. Eternity LED Glow can take any volume of order and have the keys to make the difference. If you are an individual getting a gift to your friend or loved one, or just want to decorate your home in unique beautiful style, or you are an event planner that wants to get unique illuminating LED products for an event/party/holiday, or Retailer that want to revive his goods, we have what you need!

We also offer custom-made products with our designs, your design, logo or company name for any occasion, social event, party, wedding, sports fan, business advertising, business promotion, night clubs and bars, restaurants etc.

With our low minimum order requirement and flexible pricing based on the number of products ordered, we make buying easy for large or small businesses. Our wholesale prices are competitive and make our wholesale program suitable for all customers. For large quantity prices / wholesale and custom-made products please Contact us:

By phone: 1-855-533-4569


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