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How LED Cubes and Light-Up Balls Improve Your Décor & Health

Our bodies need plenty of light to maintain consistency for our internal body clock, keep our mood in balance, and preserve our overall health and wellbeing. Throughout the day, we can be exposed to a variety of light – including the harsh light of fluorescent lamps at work and the dim glow from our 60-watt lighting at home.

But there’s another light source that can maintain the light necessary to keep us healthy, while adding color and fun to improve your décor at the same time: LED light! Our LED cubes and light-up balls make excellent design accents for your space and your wellbeing.

According to Dr. Victoria Revell, a chronobiologist at the University of Surrey, “Light is critical for our health and wellbeing. Ensuring that we receive adequate light levels at the appropriate time of day benefits our alertness, mood, productivity, sleep patterns and many aspects of our physiology.”

Our LED décor accents such as the light-up balls and cubes can help provide the light necessary to help you be awake and alert during the day, and calmed and relaxed at night. With shifting colors in vivid tones, these light up decorative pieces can create an atmosphere ideal for hosting a fun party, as well!

In 12-inch and 17-inch sizes, our light-up cubes provide ideal accent seating. The 17-inch cube can even function as a colorful end table. Place our 8-inch cube on a table or bookcase for a fun, visual light fixture. With 10-, 12-, 14- and 16-inch sizes, our LED decoration balls are fun accent pieces for light and color. Mix and match the sizes to create an atmosphere and setting with magical, playful appeal!

All of the LED cubes and decorative balls from Eternity LED Glow are waterproof for fantastic indoor and outdoor placement, as well as being cordless and rechargeable. They are crafted from strong polyethylene to offer durable design in your indoor and outdoor space. The LED lights inside can make the cubes and balls 16 different colors – controlled by remote control.

To learn more about our LED cubes, click here. Or, to browse our selection of light-up decorative balls, click here.