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Popular LED Decor and Items from Eternity LED Glow

Looking to make that upcoming party really glow or simply redecorate your space? At Eternity LED Glow, we’ve got a ton of fun, popular LED decor items to light up your home or party!

LED Light Up Pillows

What better way to brighten up your bed or desk than with a cute LED animal pillow? We’ve got dolphins, friendly star pillows, fuzzy light up couch pillows, a heart pillow for your valentine, an oversized paw print pillow, or even a teddy bear that can double as a night light!

Dancing Speakers

With dancing speakers from Eternity LED Glow, you can turn your party or event into an instant nightclub! Compatible with USB-friendly devices, water bounces to the beat with timed LED lights. Just don’t forget to look up – they generate a great effect on the ceiling as well!

Remote Controlled LED Light Up Cubes, Lights, and Columns

A great way to make your next event memorable is to use our LED light up furniture and accents! Operated by remote control, these can be used indoors or outdoors. They’re available for purchase or rental. Also, ask about our spotlights, RGB bulbs, round lights, and LED strips kits!

ShowProductImageLED Light Up Dog Collar

Never lose the pooch in the dark again! Perfect for those late night trips to the dog park, these function just like a regular collar and have three different light modes. Plus, they come in 7 different colors!

LED Light Up Furniture

Get both form and function with chairs, tables, and sofa seats that light up and glow! With many different changeable solid colors, you can set these pieces to produce different light effects, like strobe, flash, fade, or smooth! Set the mood with many different dimming options. They also make a great spa or poolside accessory!

LED Light Up Party Accessories

Looking to really make that Halloween or party costume pop? We’ve got many different leg warmers, LED gloves, champagne glasses, cups, martini, shot glasses, and even ice cubes!

When you’re ready to plan your next big party or event or have questions about our products, feel free to contact us!