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5 Unique LED Furniture and Products

Not only are LED products good for the environment and fun alternative methods of lighting, LED furniture and light-up products are sometimes totally unique. Here are five ordinary household objects that are made extraordinary (and a lot more fun) with LED lighting…

  1. LED Faucet Attachment: You can tell the temperature of your water as it comes out of the faucet, without risking chills and burns, by installing a little light-up faucet attachment. When turned on, the water will run blue when it’s cold, green when it’s warm, and red when it’s hot. If it gets so hot that it’s near boiling point (and very dangerous), the LED faucet attachment will flash red. Another great feature: it doesn’t require a battery because it uses the water flow to generate its need for electric power.
  1. Light-up LED Dog Collars: Increase your dog’s safety as you take him for his nighttime walks with a light-up collar. Not only do these dog collars increase the ability for vehicle drivers to see you and ‘man’s best friend’ at night, they are also colorfully fun! Let it shine in three different modes, including steady, fast- or slow-flashing. We offer seven different colors, and all collars are available in S/M/L/XL sizes.
  1. Dancing Water LED-Lit Speakers: A great compliment to any house party or exciting event, a set (or six) of speakers that are lit with an LED system that illuminates the water bubbles inside. This makes it look like the bubbles are ‘dancing’ to the music! These speakers are more than just your typical speakers – they have tons of colorful fun packed into a 9-inch by 2-inch speaker size. They will be a hit at your next party!
  1. Decorative LED Furniture: Inside, outside, special occasion and everyday décor can benefit from the fun, colorful light of LED furniture. Eternity LED Glow offers several options, from light-up columns and cubes (they make great end tables and even extra seating), to decorative LED balls. Light-up furniture will brighten the mood, enhance the fun-factor, and provide a unique way to light and live in your space.
  1. Colorful LED Ice Cubes: Light-up ice cubes are a must for your next party. Made with a multicolor LED light and freezable gel inside each cube, you can chill your guests’ drinks with vibrant, light-up excitement. The cubes are each cased in clear, high quality acrylic plastic that is strong and very resistant to breaking. With LED ice cubes in your party drinks, you will enjoy an unforgettable time with fun, colorful, illuminated beverages.

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