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The Good of Glow: Benefits of LED-Lighted Items

LED glow is good for you! And aside from being energy-efficient, long lasting and good for the environment, LED-lighted items have benefits for your health and well-being…

LED-lighted items are safer. One of the primary family-friendly aspects of light-up items with LED lights is that they are fire-safe. Heat-sensitive things like pillows and stuffed animals cannot be lit up with normal lighting products, because of the danger of burns and fire. Because our light-up pillows and plush animals are illuminated with LED, they are safe for small children, harmless to leave unattended, and won’t start a fire if left on and forgotten.

The LED light benefits our biological clock. Scientists are still studying how different colors and levels of light affect humans, but already, they know that we need to get strong, consistent light to keep our biological clock in sync. Our biological clock affects our production of hormones and other things we need to function and thrive. Since LED lights emit lighting at consistent, precise wavelengths, the use of them in everyday life can keep our biological clocks in sync.

Your mood can benefit from LED products. Other chemical benefits of LED lighting include improvements from depression, agitation, and sleep problems. When you receive the correct high levels of light during the daytime, using products and décor that are LED-lighted, you can enjoy these benefits to your well-being.

Radiation is reduced with LED. Unlike fluorescent lighting, which uses a chemical reaction to produce unnatural light and emits harsh UV radiation and infared rays, LED lighting has none of this. We get enough radiation from the sun! LED-lighted items provide steady, natural full-spectrum lighting that is 100% without the negative effects of harmful radiation.

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