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Decorate with LEDs this Halloween

It’s almost here—are you ready?

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s not too late to bring the magic and mystery of the season to life with some LED decorations from Eternity Glow. We have lots of options for both indoor and outdoor lighting that can look eerie, ethereal, and other-worldly, and whether you’re planning a party or just want to deck out your house for trick-or-treaters, we have just what you need!

Check out our LED Flower Pots and LED Light Up Cubes below for some ideas!

LED Flower Pots

There are dozens of ways to make use of our LED Flower Pots during Halloween. One of which, of course, is with plants! Our 31” Light Up Flower Pot is large enough to hold a small tree, which opens up all kinds of possibilities. You can hang spooky decorations from the branches, or cover the tree with cobwebs—you’ll love the way the light reflects on the gauzy material, especially if you put the flower pot on a rotating light show! Our Flower
Pots are waterproof and durable, meaning they could make perfect porch decorations.

You can also use our 9” Light Up Ice Bucket or 11” Square Light Up Flower Pots for handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, or for setting up a spooky glowing table display for snacks and drinks at your party! And because all the flower pots are leak-proof, you can turn them into ice buckets for soda, beer, or champagne!


LED Light Up Cubes

Our LED Light Up Cubes are our ultimate party decoration. They’re available in three sizes, each of which has 16 different colors of LED lights inside, and can be set to four different modes (including the ultimate haunted house effect, strobe).

Fog-laserOur favorite Halloween idea for our LED Cubes is to pair them with either a smoke machine or dry ice. The effect of LEDS with smoke is magical and unforgettable. We recommend dry ice over fog machines because the smoke will kind of rest along the floor rather than dispersing through the air, but either will look amazing and surreal, and if you use both, you’ll have the spookiest party under the Halloween moon (and also an unbeatably mysterious dance floor!). Our 17″ LED Cube is the perfect way of simultaneously lighting up the fog with a beautiful array of swirling colors and also giving people a place to sit or rest their drink that’s easy to find through the haze.

eyesAnother fun Halloween idea for our LED Light Up Cubes is creating changing LED jack-o-lantern faces with them! You can cute a face (or maybe just eyes) from a dark cloth and drape it over our 8” LED Cube Lamp to create a spooky and inexplicable glowing grin. Use our larger cubes to create even bigger creeping monsters! Because our cubes last for ten hours and are completely waterproof, you can set your faces high in a tree, under the brush, or in the yard for a haunting image that can flash, glow, or change color. It’s a  lot less messy than cleaning out a pumpkin, gives you a lot more options, and becomes a cool lamp for the rest of the year!

Check out the video below to see more of our LED Light Up Cubes in action, and call us at Eternity LED for all your LED product needs! Happy Halloween!

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