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LED Home Décor: Turn Your Pad from Drab to Fab

Eternity LED Glow is a Seattle-based company, and we see a lot of typical Pacific Northwest decorating where we go—we’re talking about very plain, earth-toned fabrics, shapeless furniture, and forgettable decorating. If you want to instantly add a chic, modern, and forward-looking vibe to your home or event space, consider adding one of these LED products!

17” LED Light Cube

led cube seat

When it comes to LED light cubes, this is the crème de la crème. Our largest LED light cube, it can brighten up a whole room day or night. It’s made of milky-white polyethylene that looks smooth and sleek and is also built strongly enough to be usable as a seat or coffee table surface. Parties, hangouts, dinners, or quiet time will all be enhanced with this LED light cube that—with 16 different color options an the choices of flash, strobe, fade or smooth—can be perfectly integrated into any mood or setting. You can even use it outside! Buy one for an accent piece, or a few for a whole new set of dazzling furniture no one will be able to stop talking about.

31” LED Flower Pot

Light up Flower Pot & Ice Bucket
Light up Flower Pot & Ice Bucket

The tallest in our collection of LED flowerpots, the 31” LED flowerpot from Eternity LED Glow is the best way to bring beautiful ambient light and atmosphere to any room. We love the idea of using a pair of these on either side of your home or event entryway, or perhaps to gently brighten a dark corner of the room. The LEDs don’t transmit any heat, and won’t damage your plants at all, while also providing a waterproof base that will retain water for healthy growth. The 31” LED flowerpot is large enough even for a small tree, and is a fantastic way of combining futuristic lighting with the natural beauty of household flora.

LED Showerhead

Our LED showerhead is one of our favorite products of home décor. We love the idea of bringing the fun eye-catching light of LED accessories into the bathroom, a place that’s too often neglected when it comes to exciting accents or decoration, and the effect of colorful water raining down upon you is something that will brighten your day every single morning, not to mention make a fantastic surprise for guests! Check out our last post for a full description of this showerhead’s possibilities, and a video of it in action!

led shower head

For any LED home décor needs, turn to Eternity Glow LED! We are the most trusted source for LED goods and accessories in the Northwest, making high-quality, long-lasting and innovative products that will add a little light to your life.