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Gloving 101

If you’re unfamiliar with the rave scene, you might be wondering what our LED Light Up Gloves are for. Why are the lights only in the finger tips? Could these gloves possibly keep your hands warm? Can you even get a good grip on something?

The key to understanding these gloves is to stop thinking about them as gloves, and start thinking about them as an instrument, a paintbrush, or a hypnotist’s medallion. These gloves are used in a form of light dance called gloving, where you manipulate your fingers in the dark to form mesmerizing patterns of light:

Gloving became very popular in rave culture and EDM culture because the movements are so tied up with the beat of the music. Half the fun of a glove show is the way the glover interacts with the music and brings the rhythm to life before your eyes. If you love going to to EDM shows, and you want a way to participate in the culture but you have two left feet, gloving might be just the niche you’re looking for! You can let your hands do the dancing, and you’ll be amazed how many people will love watching you do your thing.

Here’s a guide to some of the basic moves you’ll want to learn to show off gloving technique and dazzle the dance floor:

There’s a lot of slang in gloving culture, and if you’re interested in becoming a glover, here are a few key phrases to learn:

  • Lightshow—A gloving performance; “Who wants to see a lightshow?”
  • Blow Up—To give someone a lightshow; “I’m going to blow her up next song.”
  • Impact—Getting close to the viewer’s face during a pivotal moment in the song; “The impact during the beat drop was amazing.”
  • Creatures—The animal-like forms you can shape your hands into;  “Mike makes the wildest creatures.”
  • Melting (someone’s face)—To completely blow your viewer’s mind; “Mike melted my face off with that last show.”

If you’re ready to start gloving, pick up a pair of our LED Light Up Gloves! Our products at Eternity LED Glow are high-quality, and you can rest assured that these gloves will stand up to plenty of long, wild nights, and they have seven different color modes, so you can always keep it interesting!

For one final piece of inspiration, check out this professional gloving video—so spooky!