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Reimagine The Possibilities of Your Shower Head

Most of us shower every day, or at least a few times a week. That’s a lot of showers in a lifetime, and I bet that most of them have been pretty much the same. But they don’t have to be!

With our LED Shower Head, you can turn a chore into an event. It only takes about 10 seconds to install, and will bring you hundreds of hours of fun! Our bright LED Shower Head will light up your bathroom and the water itself like a dance floor. If you love singing in the shower, this is the perfect floodlight for your private stage.

The best thing about the shower head, though, isn’t the incredible color, but the ways the color changes to show you the temperature of the water. Are you sick of getting in before it’s warm enough, or getting in and scalding yourself? You’ll love this shower head! The water is lit green when it is cold (up to 85 degrees F), blue when warm (between 85F and about 104F), and then red when it reaches 105 degrees. If the temperature passes 105 degrees, the red light will begin flashing, letting you know that the shower temperature is too hot. This will keep you safe from scalding, drying our your skin, or developing the blotchiness that comes from overheating. Maximize your comfort zone!

It’s also the perfect shower LED accessory for kids. Not only does it make the shower more fun, but it will help them control the temperature and keep from scalding themselves. Teens will think it’s especially cool, and any friends who stay the night will be very impressed.

And finally, one more awesome thing about this shower head: the flow of the water generates all the power needed to light the LEDs! That means:

  1. It’s completely safe to use—No chance risk of electric shock!
  2. No batteries—You never have to worry about the batteries corroding, you never have to replace them, and your light won’t fade out slowly as the batteries die.
  3. As green as can be—You’re harnessing the power of moving water that would otherwise be wasted to make something beautiful!
  4. Automatic—This also means that the “on” switch for your lights is the same as your faucet! Whenever you turn on the water, the shower head will automatically light up.

If you want to have the most fabulous shower experience of your life, try our LED Light Up Shower Head! This gadget will be your new favorite feature of your home. Check out this video to see more: