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How Light Color Affects Your Mood

Have you heard about what’s happening in the Renton school district? Right now they’re gearing up for the coming school year, and part of that is changing out the lightbulbs—they’re converting all their regular fixtures to LED, and they expect it will do a lot more than just save them money on their electrical bills.

Not only do the new LED lights last about 20 years, which is about ten times longer than traditional lamps, but they’re expected to have behavioral effects, too. The LED systems installed in two kindergarten classes at Renton Park Elementary have tunable colored lighting settings. When the orange lights are on, they are supposed to have a calming, relaxing effect on the children, which is especially helpful after recess or breaks when they are most excitable. If they are already calm and working intently on something, the teacher will turn on the blue lights, which aid children with feeling alert, concentrated, and focused. They’re hoping to expand it to the high school as well, especially the AP students.

The powerful affects of LEDs on mood aren’t just for kids. Some studies have shown that the blue and white lights that night-owl adults expose themselves to can lead to increased rates of depression, and running warm-colored lights, especially red, reduces this risk. Pink colored lights are used to diffuse violent situations among patients in mental hospitals—so if you’re feeling upset or angry, running a pink light might have a soothing effect.

The color options in LED lights can help you change and elevate your mood in all sorts of ways, not to mention the purely decorative possibilities! LED lights are a fun way to reinvent and enliven a new space with a little ambient color.

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