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LED Products for Cyclists

It’s summer time, and that means that most people are getting outdoors more often and enjoying their favorite sports and activities earlier in the morning and later at night. This is especially true for cyclists. Many days, it’s too hot to go for a bike ride in the mid-afternoon, but the balmy nights and pleasant early mornings are perfect. Of course, this often means riding in the dark, which can be not only difficult but also dangerous. Here at Eternity LED Glow, we’ve got everything you need to be safe and look awesome on your ride in the dark.

Safety Armbands

multi color led safety armband

Visibility is the most important thing for cyclist safety. And though brightly-colored clothing might work during the day, when it’s dark out you need something that can cut through the gloom and announce your presence on the road to passing vehicles. We recommend our Safety Armbands for cyclists who ride in the dark. The bright LED lights will make you impossible to ignore, increasing your safety on the road. If cars can’t see you, there is a possibility you’re going to get hit, especially during the late nights or early mornings when drivers might be sleepy or less alert. These armbands are also perfect for cyclists who need to secure their pant legs from getting caught in the crank or chain. And with so many options, you can get it in your favorite color!

Bicycle Safety Light

bicycle safety lights set

No bike should be without a front and rear light. This pair of Bicycle Safety Lights will make you more visible to drivers—the red rear light is especially important to prevent approaching cars from rear-ending you in the dark. The bright LEDs in these lights will slice through the night, and their flexible silicone bodies are not only waterproof and shock resistant, but easy to attach to any part of your cycle, or even your helmet! To be extra attention-grabbing, you can set the 7 LEDs in either light to flash on and off or in the dazzling “chasing light” style. And when you’re riding at night, you not only want to be seen, you also want to see—our front headlight will clearly illuminate your path so that you can avoid any obstacles or problems with the road.

Wheel Lights

flashing wheelbicycle spoke lights

Here at Eternity LED Glow, we actually offer two different wheel light options. Having a wheel light not only looks cool and produces a beautiful ring of color and light when your bike is in motion, but also keeps you safe. Front and rear lights will alert drivers behind you and in front of you to your presence, but a wheel light increases your visibility from the side. Our Bicycle Wheel Valve Light attaches easily to your wheel valve (and can also be used for cars or motorcycles!) and even has a motion sensor built in so that you save battery power when your bike is stopped. Our second option, the Multicolor Spoke Light, easily clips onto your wheel spokes, creating the same unique light pattern as the Valve Light and offering three different flashing modes: white blinking fast, white blinking slowly, or the slowly-changing multi-colored mode! Either option makes a fun and safe addition to any bicycle.