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How to Choose the Right Dog Collar

Man’s Best Friend deserves to be just as fashionable as his or her human pal, and aside from doggy costumes (which not all dog-owners find appealing), the collar is the way to express your pet’s style. But there are more reasons than merely fashion behind your choice of dog collar. Today, just about everything imaginable has been enhanced with technology to optimize its use, and dog collars are no exception.

While offering fashionable, stylin’ solutions for your pet, a dog collar can do so much more…


Keep your dog healthy.

led dog collar yellow 2The Pebble, Fitbitâ, and Pivotal Livingätracker are all wristbands that help humans monitor their fitness and even their calorie intake… well, now there’s a collar version for dogs! A recent Digital Trends news article featured the Beagard Activity Collar, which tracks your pet’s activity (or inactivity) and consummation of food. This allows their human counterpart to be aware of any unhealthy idleness and overeating to respond with more healthy activities. It’s also waterproof and the battery lasts several months before needing to be recharged.

Keep your pet safe and seen.

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Safety is number-one for both pets and their human counterparts, and it affects fashion choices as well (you wouldn’t wear dark clothing while walking along the street at night!). But safety ‘clothing’ for dogs is in short supply, and especially for a dog with dark-toned coloring, this can be dangerous for nighttime walks. Protect your pet’s safety with a light-up LED dog collar. They come in a variety of colors to suit your dog’s fashion ‘sense’, and the long-lasting battery and environmentally-friendly LED lights are just the thing for reliable use.

to keep your dog fashionable and safe click here For other tips when choosing the right dog collar, such as fit, function and durability, click here. When it’s time to find the right dog collar for your pet, start with safety and choose a high-quality LED dog collar in the color and size that’s just right for your best friend!