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LED Party Supplies Guide


Everyone wants to throw an unforgettable party. One of the easiest ways to make the night special is dressing up the occasion with a few well-chosen LED accessories. Make your living room look like a club, and let the magic shine on!


led water dancing speakers 2

These speakers are exactly what you need to turn up the volume. These speakers, compatible with any player from computer to cellphone, not only have great sound, but LED light beams shoot through the water chambers on top in time to the music, creating a kind of rhythmic laser show right at the source of the sound.


Light up Flower Pot & Ice Bucket

This incredible ice bucket will provide light without heat, and keep your beverages cool and looking luxe. The best part of it is that you can program it to glow in any of sixteen different colors, or to rotate through the rainbow. It’ll provide up to ten hours of light, and is completely waterproof. If you’re going to be popping bottles at your party, do it in style with one of these nearby.


light up ice cubes 6

Get 24 of these light-up multi-color ice cubes for any mixed drinks you’re making at your event. A few of these in a glass will turn any cocktail into a dazzling potion of light. Each cube has eight different color modes, including the option to rotate through all the colors for a wild rainbow. People will not want to stop drinking if you’re serving up sips with these.



In addition to our ice cubes, we offer a variety of different LED light up drinking glasses. We have glasses for beer, champagne, martinis, mixers, and shots, and you can mix and match for the full LED party experience. Nothing would go down in party history quite like an LED beer pong tournament in the dark.


light up small cocktail table 4

Top off your LED party supplies with some furniture! We sell LED tables in three different styles—cocktail, coffee, and lounge—to offer you and your guests some options. We recommend putting a couple of the stand-up tables near your dancing area for people to grab a quick breath, and then nestle some of the lower lounge tables around the wall to provide a more private escape area.


If you like the idea of LED décor for a party but don’t want to go all-in and purchase these items, check out our rentals page! We offer two different packages of 15 and 30 different LED furniture items that will make any party the party of the year. And for extra fun points, we suggest getting some dry ice!