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Music Festival Must-Haves to Elevate the Experience

Summer is the season of music festivals. You’re probably excited about the trip you have planned to see all your favorite artists sharing one stage, or camping out with your friends and thousands of other music lovers for an immersive multi-day experience. Maybe you’re staying local and enjoying the great music being brought to Seattle. If you’re as excited as most festival-goers, you’re probably already packing your bags or planning your outfit in your mind. But don’t forget the most important thing: accessories. Half the fun of a good festival is looking the part, getting outrageous, and letting your freak flag fly. Here at Eternity LED Glow, we’ve got your must-have list of light up accessories for these summer festivals.


Capitol Hill Block Party

Capitol Hill Block Party

July 24th-26th

Seattle, WA

About: This 3-day festival celebrates Seattle’s iconic center of arts, music, and culture: Capitol Hill. Bringing in a diverse set of musicians, this weekend neighborhood party is a great place to see local talent and international favorites side-by-side. And if you’re lucky enough to have one of the many businesses or apartments overlooking the festival, why not deck out your digs with some LED swag and enjoy the view.

Must-Haves: LED Strip; LED Furniture; Beverage Glass  

KUBE 93 Summer Jam

KUBE 93 Summer Jam

June 20

White River Amphitheatre, Auburn, WA

About: This one-day festival hosted by Seattle’s favorite hip hop radio station brings some of the biggest names in top 40 together for one night, including T.I. and TECH N9NE. Coordinate your colors with your crew, or just show off with your own glowing accessories.

Must-Haves: Multicolor Armband; Flower Belly Button Ring; Belly Ring



June 26-June 27

The Gorge, WA

About: Paradiso is the Pacific Northwest’s premier dance party escape. Located in the beautiful natural setting of the Gorge Amphitheatre, this weekend party draws over 20,000 EDM fans ready to dance the night away. Because this is a camp out, use overnight accessories to keep the party going in the tent!

Must-Haves: Light Up Teddy Bear; Light Up Couch Pillow


Decibel Music Festival

September 23-Sept 27

Seattle, WA

About: It may be at the end of festival season, but Decibel is Seattle’s most world-class, high-profile electronic event of the year. This techno-heavy music festival takes over Seattle’s major venues for four days, draws over 25,000 people every year, and goes until about 6 a.m. When you’re at the underground after-hours events, BYOB with style.

Must-Haves: Drinking Cup; Shot glass; Freezable Ice Cubes


Electric Daisy Carnival

Electric Daisy Carnival

June 19-21

Las Vegas, NV

About: This is the ultimate spectacle. Nobody does it bigger and brighter than Las Vegas, and the Electric Daisy Carnival is no exception—the ultimate raver destination, this no-sleep weekend will be full of flashing lights, deep beats, and some of the most elaborate stage designs you’ve ever seen. Stand out in the crowd with a dazzling LED look.

Must-Haves: Light Up Leg Warmers; LED Earrings

Pitchfork Music Festival

Pitchfork Music Festival

July 17-19

Union Park, Chicago IL

About: This music festival is perfect for snobs who still love pop. All the best indie acts in the country will be featured, and everything that’s hot and trending will be on stage, so you better look just as good! You rockers out there can stand out with LED gauges, and our light-up batons are this generation’s answer to holding your lighter in the air.

Must-Haves: LED Light up Ear Gauge Plugs; Light Up Foam Stick Baton


Tomorrowland music festival

July 24-26

Boom, Belgium

About: This is the largest electronic music festival in the world—in 2014, over 400,000 people attended. If you want to be a part of something spectacular and truly international, this is the perfect destination. Tomorrowland draws the biggest DJ names in the business, but the underground acts are the real gems. You’ll be dancing until dawn, so be sure to pack some LED items that will make the most of your movement on the floor.

Must-Haves: Poi Ball; Light Up Gloves

Ozora Festival

Ozora Festival

August 3-9

Ozora, Hungary

About: This picturesque Hungarian village is transformed for one week a year into the world’s biggest trance and psychedelic music festival. Camping is free, community is key, and the exchange of artistic ideas reigns supreme. Use our LEDs when you bike around the countryside, show off your pet, or go for a swim—this festival is as much about the outdoor exploration and beautiful pastoral setting as it is about the music.

Must-Haves: Light Up Waterproof Balls; Dog Collars; Bike Lights