Lighted Dog Collars

Want to keep your four-legged friend at the height of fashion? Maybe you’d feel a little more secure if you could just see Fido at a glance when it’s dark outside? These brilliant Lighted Dog Collars do both of these things, and they look amazing doing them.

Our Lighted Dog Collars provide a great way to keep an eye on your dog when it’s dark, and they can even help keep your pooch safe, too. If your dog has a tendency to slip its leash or run away while you are walking it, there’s a good chance that cars won’t be able to see it if it’s dark out. These Lighted Dog Collars make your dog more visible, reducing the chance that it will be hit by a car.

Of course, the fun, Lighted Dog Collars make your canine pal look great, too! Choose from 7 different colors (Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Purple and White), then choose the setting on your dog’s collar to make the light remain steady or flash in one of two different speeds.

Buy several of these Lighted Dog Collars to give as gifts or to change out your own dog’s collar every now and then. Because the safe LED lights use very little energy, you’ll get lots of use out of every collar before you have to change the batteries (included). This is sure to ‘light up’ any dog lover’s day, makes a great present for your dog’s birthday, and even tells the world that you are a great dog owner who cares about your pet’s safety and visibility.

Get one or more of these great Lighted Dog Collars today, and keep your dog safe and stylish.

Lighted Dog Collars


  • Shipped From USA ( Seattle WA ) – Delivery 2-5 Business Days
  • Keep your dog safe and seen
  • Give your dog a cool glowing look
  • Available in 4 sizes S/M/L/XL
  • 7 different colors Red/Yellow/Orange/Blue/Green/Purple/white
  • Three different light modes: 1) steady light 2) fast flashing light 3) slow flashing light
  • Powered by two CR2032 or CR2016 batteries (included) and can be changeable

Lighted Dog Collars are the perfect way to keep your dog safe and seen, also gives a beautiful cool glowing look to your dog. With our the Lighted Dog Collars it’s very easy to see your dog at night time and in Dark visibility conditions along city streets, off leash in the park, on your property, or out in the countryside.

This Lighted Dog Collars made from high quality materials and Powered by two CR2032 or CR2016 batteries (included) and can be changeable, the item also has three modes: 1) steady light 2) fast flashing light 3) slow flashing.

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Lighted Dog Collars
Lighted Dog Collars

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