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Make Your Home Your New Favorite Hang Out with LED Home Accessories!

This time of year is all about staying in, not going out. It’s far too cold and stormy to go to a restaurant, bar, or club this time of year. When you hear the rain drizzling outside, you’d probably rather just have people over for a cocktail, bottle of wine, or nice meal, maybe you’d just like to cuddle with a special someone, or maybe you’d just like to have some “me” time with a pot of tea and a favorite book.

Whatever your plans, just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you’ve got to be boring. Turn up the fun with some LED home accessories!

LED Drinking Glasses

glow champagne glassWhat’s a better excuse to illuminate your beverages with colorful LEDS than the fact the sun is setting as early as 4pm these days? We have a wide array of LED cups, glasses, ice cubes, and shooters, and we can guarantee that you won’t miss the brightness of the sun when you have these fun cups around your table. We recommend our LED Champagne Glasses. Not only is champagne a classic drink through the holidays—for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and of course New Years Eve—but the way the sparkling bubbles will scatter the changing lights will have you and your guests mesmerized! And if you’re lucky enough to have a hot tub, we cannot exaggerate how much fun it is to drink cold champagne from these bright lit colorful cups in a hot tub when it’s a chilly winter night.

LED Light Up Couch Pillow

light up couch pillow 10

If you feel like curling up for a few episodes of your favorite Netflix series rather than going out with friends, do it with some flare!Our downy-soft LED pillow is a blend of cashmere and cotton that will be your new favorite couch companion. Don’t worry, you can’t feel the lights through the fabric at all, but you can certainly see them! Unzip the pillow and flip the switch for some instance dreamy ambience. This pillow will transform your room into everything from an under-the-sea grotto to a groovy 1970s lava lamp party. And if you want something just as soft with a little bit more cuddle power for winter, we recommend our LED Light Up Teddy Bear. For your own use or as a great gift, this little guy will provide hours of comforting light and softness.