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Planning a Holiday Party? Rent Our LED Furniture!

We’re approaching the busiest party season of the year, and if you’re still not quite sure how you’re going to make your event as spectacular as possible, we have a solution for you: LED Furniture rentals!

This is the perfect way to decorate for an unforgettable evening without having to buy a ton of special decor you won’t be able to use later. We have LED tables, coffee tables, cocktail tables, chairs, a variety of LED cube sizes, plus flower pots, columns, and ice buckets! You can deck out an entire space with these for instant pizzazz, transforming any room into a high-class lounge with ambience that’s off the charts.

We offer two different package sizes so that you can plan for your space and budget. We’d love to talk to you about what variety of items you’d like to rent for your evening. We don’t do hourly rentals, but one flat rate for a 24 hour period, meaning you don’t have to be anxious or stressed out about getting the furniture in and out within your allotted time period—you can just enjoy yourself! And if you can’t transport the furniture yourself, we are happy to deliver and pick up again for a nominal fee.

Our LED furniture rentals are perfect for company holiday parties, your private holiday party with friends, or perhaps New Year’s Eve! If you’re responsible for planning the event, you don’t want anyone to be disappointed, and you can guarantee everyone will love this futuristic light-up decor. You’ll set the mood for conversation, dancing, drinks, and a great time for all.

You can use this furniture in private spaces or rented areas both, and it’s a great compliment to events with bar or food service because you’ll likely need to rent chairs and tables from somewhere anyway. So what are you waiting for? Call Eternity LED Glow today about our LED furniture rentals before we’re all booked up for the winter!