8″ LED Cube Lamp

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Size: 8” Width X 8” Length X 8” Height
Great decoration for your garden, patio, swimming pool, bar, club, spa, night camping Etc.
16 Different solid colors changeable and dimmable
4 Different options can be set to flash, strobe, fade or smooth
All products have 1 year warranty
Each unit comes with 1 remote control and 1 charger
Made of white strong PE (polyethylene)
Completely waterproof, can be used indoors or outdoors
LED light inside for power saving and long lasting
Light up for 10 hours straight




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Our 8″ LED cube light is one powerful little piece of illuminated furniture! The fun little cube is the perfect outdoor/indoor light up furniture option for all your decorating needs.

Pack one of these rechargeable LED cubes up and take it camping, or use it by the pool for evening parties. It is fully waterproof, remote controlled and rechargeable, plus the bright LED lights use less electricity than regular lights, so they cost less to power. It’s the best of LED technology combined with the fun of illuminated furniture, and it’s great for any venue.

You’ll be fascinated by the 16 different colors of LED lights inside the sturdy polyethylene cube. Set them to flash, strobe, fade, or smooth, and watch the multi-colored selection put on a great display. Choose one color or watch them all change for a fun look at your parties, special events or gatherings.

Kids love this fun glowing furniture. The LED lights provide a soothing night light for younger kids or a groovy accessory for teens and tweens to enjoy. Adults will want to know where they can get their own, as these fantastic LED cubes are quickly becoming the must-have furniture for homes, spas, clubs and more.


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Weight 2.6 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 8.5 × 10.5 in


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