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We Offer Custom-Made LED Wholesale Products!

Eternity LED Glow not only carries a wide range of exciting LED products, but we can also customize them! Through our Wholesale options, you can buy personalized LED products at almost any volume of order. The uses for custom LED items are only as limited as your imagination! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Pet Store, Vet, or Doggy Daycare?

glow in the dark dog collar

Give out or sell promotional LED Light Up Dog Collars! Any pet-oriented service should understand how important light-up collars are for safety during nighttime walks, and if you want to remind pet owners of your services and brand every time they take their pet for an evening stroll you should emblazon your logo on one of our collars! They also make great holiday gifts for special customers.

Networking in the Party Industry

LED light up shot glass

If you work in the party industry, either as a party planner, venue space, caterer, or event photographer, you know how hard it can be to make a lasting impression. Give your clients (or their guests!) something to remember you by like a cool LED product they’ll never throw away! Maybe a light up LED Shot Glass with your contact information or business name would be the perfect way to get the word out.

It’s Your Big Night

led foam sticks baton 5

If it’s your birthday, wedding, anniversary, or company party, you want everything to be incredible. How will you ensure that your big night is one for the books? You can print your name, date, or company logo on an LED product to pass out to all attendees. We especially recommend our LED Light Up Foam Stick Batons, which can be printed with any commemorative message and also work to light up the night and make the party a fun, fabulous event.

If you’re interested in our wholesale items, please call us at 855-533-4569 or email at us We’re happy to talk more about what kinds of items we can customize, what parameters we recommend for your design, what kind of price scale we have according to order volume, and answer any other questions you might have!